Double podium for R-ace GP !

Double Podium For R-ace GP !


This weekend was held the sixth round of the Norther European Cup at the opening of the famous Masters of Formula 3 at Zandvoort. After two consecutive podiums of Norman Nato at the Nurburgring, it’s time for Pieter Schothorst and Côme Ledogar to proudly display the colors of R-ace GP on the podium in Zandvoort. This performance is all the more exceptional that  Pieter and Côme carried out the first “double podium” for R-ace GP by finishing second and third. After only six months, R-ace GP has been able to provide an opportunity for all its drivers to know the joys of the podium.


Thibaut de MERINDOL: « The objectives of R-ace GP are to provide to its drivers the means to show their talent but also develop their skills through our training process. Although our performance objectives and consistency have not been met yet, we can therefore only be encouraged to see our three drivers, including two that are new to the class, as well ranked in the international hierarchy of FR2. 0. I want to thank our drivers, their partners and all our staff for their confidence and for the work quality that comes with passion and determination to help our team reaching its victory goals. »


Pieter: « This was a great weekend for me. It felt good to be back in my home country and home circuit, Zandvoort. After 6 weeks of break, I was really motivated to get back in the car and do a good job. The qualifying on friday went really well. I had my best qualifying so far (P8 for Race 1 and P3 for Race 2).The first race on saturday was difficult. It was heavily raining, so the vision was bad, and I was struggling with these difficult conditions. My start was not so good and I lost a lot of places.

After a lot of overtaking I managed to finish P10. I wasn’t happy with this result as I wanted to finish at least in the Top 8.Due to this bad result on saturday, I was extra motivated and determined to get a really good result in the 2nd race. The 2nd race on sunday was wet as well, but it was not raining as hard as it did on saturday. My start was better and I won a place before the first corner. I had some fights to keep on to my 2nd place, and eventually I managed to keep this position and get my first podium of the season! I was really happy and excited to be on the podium. Especially with Côme in 3d place, a R-ace GP podium !! Really great.

This felt like a reward for all the hard work the whole team did. We deserved it! Now we will focus on Silverstone and try to keep up this good rhythm.»


Côme : «  What a week-end ! After the 5 weeks brake i was very excited to back back in my car, i had only one thing in mind : drive. The qualifications were complicated due to a gearbox problem. In Q1 I signed the 8th time and the 4th in Q2 but i got a penalty for an overtake under red flag.
For the Race 1 I started P8 and I took a strong start, but the yellow flags were out and I made the mistake of giving the position back (3 cars did not start on the grid). At the end of the first lap I was P16 but I succeeded to get back to P8. The conditions were very bad due to the weather and the visibility was almost zero.

In Race 2, I started P8 on the grid and I’ve reached P4. After a big fight with Kyvat, he finaly overtook me and then he made a mistake which allowed me to recover my position. I finished third and I joined Pieter on the podium.

In race two, I started eighth and I got back to fourth place. After a big fight with Kyvaat it is beyond me and then leaves the track,

The result of this weekend is very encouraging: two pilots, two podiums. The team did a great job between qualifications and the race to find and repair the problem with my gearbox. I really want to thank them; they always give the best of themselves.
I like the will to win and the team spirit of R-ace GP. Where other teams will probably have not found the mechanical problem our entire technical staff worked on around my car so I could show my real level of performance during the race.
I am also very happy for Pieter, he was very fast. This double podium is well deserved. We are a young team and we made some small mistakes earlier in the season but we are clearly there and we are competitive.
I cannot wait to go to Silverstone to continue on that pace.

Finally I want to thank Novalak’s Target for the unconditional support it brings me since the beginning of the season. ”


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