Côme Ledogar at R-ace GP

Since a few weeks the website seems down but what was occurring behind the scene has take all our energy and our reflexions.

Maybe you have already seen it in the 24th december press but a motorsport passionate has bend over Côme, like in a fairy tale. His identity doesn’t matter and those who know him know waht kind of person he is and how he knows the Motorsport.

He believes in Côme and he is not the only one. He has decided to give him his chance. How lucky he is !

What is remarkable in this story – expect the financial aspect, which is not the least – is the human adventure that we are building and to which this man is attached. A human adventure which reminds me when i was a child, the one who was uniting “a hand of creators who have created what the wanted the most … a monster”.

For the expert, this group of men had done an unimaginable work when they gave birth and make win the 5 TURBO in the 80′s. The comparasion between this myth and a human being must be excluded but the feelings are so similar … I am not crazy; this man with a huge heart is first of all an exceptional man with who we can achieve what we desire the most: Make of child Côme, a driver and a after that a man … or it is the other way around …

Thank you my loyal friend, met between the Signe corner, the Nürburgring chicane and other pieces of bravery to give to Côme the possibility of succeeding and to me the possibility to believe at last in the humankind!

Never forget the winner motto: Who dare win !


From come-ledogar.com